Ringgold County | Recent Changes

If you receive an assessment roll from the Ringgold County Assessor, it could be for a number of reasons.
First if you added or removed an improvement to you property the assessment roll reflects that change in your property. A splitting or combining of tax parcels would result in the assessor sending you an assessment roll. Finally the assessor may have adjusted the value of your property.
Legally if the value of your real estate has been changed you have the right to appeal your value to the board of review. This appeal must be filed between April 16 and May 5. The board will review your facts and the assessors information and can set the value where ever they see fit.
Before April 15 the assessor still has the authority to adjust values. If you have questions please feel free to contact the assessors office soon. The procedure is much more informal before the April 15 cutoff.
The assessor's office has been in a 2 year process of updating the pricing of dwellings. This has most dwellings having some change. Some if not most changes have been relativly small. A substantial amount went down in value.
Remember that this is only a notice of assessed value not a tax bill. Your value changing does not directly reflect your tax bill going up or down. Residential properties are subject to a rollback which, while not set for the values which are now being sent to you, will take about 54% of the value off.
The last time that dwellings were individually priced in Ringgold County was 1994/95. Houses that have had structural changes have been adjusted since but not every house. Since that time 2 different assessors have served the county and the office staff is entirely different. This should result in more consistant assessment between like houses.
To appeal a form can be obtained from the assessor's office to appeal to the Board of Review. The assessor's office personnel will answer questions that we can. The one factor about appealing that I can not stress enough is you must appeal the value which is set on your property and not that the tax is to high.