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New to Beacon Site. Added new layers of Residential and Agricultural sales. To use Check layer and make sure that the greyed "i" is on desired layer. The small "i" that is normally the first tool on the tool bar should be clicked and the 'map tip hover mode' below that clicked on. The sold property should be highlighted on your map. hovering or clicking on 1 of the polygons should bring up the sale information box.

Above is the link to the webpage that has parcel search capabilities available at this time. The assessor's office has done the traditional polygons, squares, on all properties in the county. If you have trouble finding the information you need, please send a request via email or by phone and we can email the information to you. Our contact information is listed below.

Sales will still be listed on the website as in years past. The property card at the time of sale is listed in our sales list. This provides more accurate information for sales research.

Sales data

Beacon website

The Ringgold County Assessor's Office is located on the ground floor of the Courthouse on the square in Mount Ayr, Iowa.
Office hours 8:00am thru 4:00pm Monday thru Friday

                                      Assessor Melinda England - Email:  mengland@ringgoldcounty.us
                                      Chief Deputy Tara Lynch  - Email:  tlynch@ringgoldcounty.us
                                      Deputy  Korbie Rinehart  - Email:  krinehart@ringgoldcounty.us
                                      Address 109 W Madison 
                                      Mount Ayr, IA   50854 
                                      (641) 464-3233 

County Building Permits

Ringgold County has no zoning and thus no building permit requirement. The town of Mt Ayr does have zoning administrated through city hall. Sun Valley has no zoning but does have covenants through the association. The county does have septic requirements with public health.

Parcel search

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