Message From The Assessor

Ringgold County | Recent Changes

This web page is an attempt to bring more information to the residents of Ringgold County while striving to keep costs low. This, as all things that the county does, is obviously spending taxpayers money. County and/or assessor web pages have generally been well accepted around the state. In fact, the most frequent question I get is when are we getting on the web. This is the first step.

Most people asking for a web page are ultimately wanting database search capabilities which are not available yet. In fact most if not all of the work in the assessors office the past 2-3 years has been converting the information that was contained on paper cards to computerized information. This has included obtaining over 3000 pictures and entering them for access in database format. Over 2500 house and building sketches have been taken from pencil sketches to computerized sketches which, again can be accessed with the rest of the parcel information in database format.

The next step is to take the information which we have which is descriptive in nature and enter in the database. This does 2 things. First, according to state law, buildings are to be priced by adjusting cost-based information, obtained out of a state manual then adjusted to local market conditions. This requires the descriptive information about each property be accurate and available to analyze. This is where databases come into play. If all information is in a database, the assessor has the ability to find properties by any attribute whether it might be year built or square footage. This leads to values being more equitable and the assessors office can be more accurate. The public can then determine for themselves if their assessment is equitable. That is the second factor. You the taxpayer can see how the values are derived.

I take pride in the accomplishments made so far in the assessors's office and can assure you, the taxpayer, that these accomplishments have been made at the most economical cost you would find in the state of Iowa.

Neil Morgan, Ringgold County Assessor