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Jan.23 2007 is the date set for election to impose a sales tax increase for the purpose of funding a new county jail
Pamplet Explaining the Jail Proposal
Collection of pictures of the present jail
The above link shows some pictures of the present jail, excercise room and the attic were jail supplies are stored

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Why only a jail and not all of the sheriff's office?

 A. The sherifs office could be moved. It would take more space and costs. Law enforcement
is responsible for courtroom and courthouse security. Also it is felt that more
citizen interaction would be maintained in the courthouse. Other counties have moved and
some have expressed that they wished the did not move.

 Q. Why now?

 A. This has been discussed previously and never been pushed this far.  The present jail
has passed previous inspections but it is known that its days are numbered. Upon it not
passing inspection or an incident happening in the jail it could be closed this year or in 4
years. It is not known. Neighboring counties have equally antiquated jails. A regional jail
has been discussed but getting multiple counties on the same page is difficult. This
jail is of sufficient size for Ringgold County and alittle more but is not a
regional jail.

 Q. Why this size?

 A. The size of 15 beds but easily expandable to 22 is really the size that best utilizes
one jailer in slack times and 2 if full. To make it smaller would not be
correspondingly much cheaper. To build it larger, which would make it cheaper
per bed, is more space that Ringgold County could foreseeable ever need.
There is no doubt that 15 beds is more than this county uses now. Jail census housed
here and housed outside of the county show that but the potential use
approaches that number. Still when considering male vs. female, minors, and possible isolation
cells the 15 units is felt to be the correct size for todays needs. It is hoped
that some of the space would be rented out to neighboring counties to
maximize the useage but that is budgeted to be of lesser impact.

 Q. What type of purchases pay this tax

 A.  Click here for a page which discusses Iowa sales tax
 A.  Click here for exemption Form
Jan. 23rd is the election for the Jail Project 1 cent sales tax - The election is from 7AM- 8PM at your polling place where you vote for general or primary elections. If you need an absentee ballot mailed to you -you can request one from the auditor's office- but need to do that soon in order for it to be back in time- OR you can vote at the Auditor's office Absentee 8-4 M-F between now and the 22nd. Just making sure you are aware of the times and hope you Plan to vote on this issue as it could determine the future of our courthouse as well. The 1 cent sales tax will pay for the new jail facility.