Changes In Agland Assessments

Ringgold County | Recent Changes

Many changes are occurring in the process used for valuing agricultural land for property tax purposes. These changes will be in place in Ringgold County for the 2015 valuations and will be reflected on assessment rolls mailed to owners before April 1 2015. The changes will then affect the tax bills received in August 2016. These changes are made necessary by the new rule which requires that non crop land, in some cases, get a reduction in value with that value being shifted to the crop land. As this will change the value of every property in the county, the new CSR2 values will be introduced at the same time. It will make some noticeable differences in individual parcels but will average out to be the same county total as before. The conversion to CSR2 and the new process for valuing agland is a mandate from the State of Iowa. If you have questions regarding the 2015 valuation of your agland, please call (641-464-3233) or stop by the Assessor's Office on the First Floor of the Courthouse in Mount Ayr, Iowa.

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comments from Lee Burras soil scientist
CSR2 table to find new CSR2 values as compared to old