Ringgold County | Recent Changes

The Assessor's office recently sent the 2010 assessment rolls. A taxpayer will only receive a notice if their value has been changed. If you received a notice on some parcels, but not all, that is because other parcels did not change in value. Every year a substantial number of properties have new construction, building removals, split parcels or other reasons for change in value which requires that a notice be sent in the 'off' year. This is an 'off' year in that values are not subject to equalization orders.

The assessor has elected to revalue every dwelling in the county. This is why most taxpayers will be receiving an assessment notice. This is being done in a further attempt to more closely assess properties at or near their market value.

A taxpayer has the right to protest the new value with the Ringgold County Board of Review. This must be done from the 16th of April to the 5th of May. These dates are strictly enforced. The form for filing a protest is available at the Ringgold County Assessor's office or may be downloaded here. While most values have been changed the most significant changes occur at Sun Valley Lake. Most dwelling values were increased significantly. The majority of lake front land values were dropped back to 2009 values which removes the 7% equalization increase. The majority of off water lots had very substantial decreases. As assessed values are based on sales, a taxpayer is encouraged to review sales as listed here.
If you are considering an appeal to the local board the best outcome for a taxpayer can be obtained if actual sales can show that the value is to high based on comparable sales. You are encouraged to contact the assessor before April 15 with any questions or discussions of value. At that time, the assessor and taxpayer can review the property and if a mutual agreement can be reached values may be reset. After April 15 all reviews are through the Board of Review.

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